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e-Biz (Excise Software)

From past decade most of the companies use "Tally" software, for the accounting purpose, then why one would choose e-Biz Accounting Software. Because Tally does not provide other features besides accounts, whereas with "Shantech India" you will be benefited with customized e-Biz package integrating Excise tax & other taxes implied by the government, which you require besides accounts.

In view to all these hassles occurred to all businessmen, Shantech India e-Biz is the unique solution. As it also calculates Excise & other Taxes implied by the government on the purchase & sales transactions. Inventory & other features will also be provided as per your requirement. We can integrate our e-Biz Software with your Tally Accounting Package (Depending On the user requirements). Benefits of Integrating e-Biz with Tally :
  • One time entry in e-Biz and a voucher get transferred to tally automatically.
  • Vouchers created from e-Biz can also be modified and deleted by user and it's respective opration will get reflected in Tally also.
  • In e-Biz administrator can provide User level, voucher level and transaction level security.
  • In e-Biz administrator can generate user wise performance reports.
  • In Tally, no voucher can be rolled back if it gets deleted, but in Case of e-Biz it can be.
Benefits Of Computerization :
  • Complete Inventory, Production, Accounting & Excise Records Management
  • Control on Stocks & Manual Mistake
  • Easy & Fast billing with Accuracy
  • Cross check of Purchase Rates, Discounts & Cost
  • Effective Purchase Management to reduce costing
  • Order Management
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • Integrated Accounting "PAPERLESS OFFICE" in Tally
  • Auto BED,Cess & SHE-Cess calculation on behalf of Purchase
  • Direct Posting from Invoice to RG 23 Register
  • Very Easy & Fast Excise Invoice Generation
  • Option to add / Not to Add duties in Final Bill Value
  • Multi Item billing
  • Multi units option (e.g. Loose quantity of Kgs and No. of bags)
  • Different Excise duty consideration like BED, AED, SED,CESS etc in Invoice
  • Auto Generation of RG Page Numbers
  • Selected Item Name / Typed name print option on Invoice (eg ABS 2054 RED printed as Plastic Dana)
  • Print Duties in Integer / 2 Decimal / 3 Decimal
  • Certificate & Receive from print on purchase feeding bases
  • Multi Discount system like Item wise per Unit, Lumsum, Percentage & Bill Discounts
  • Complete excise detail of party
  • Complete detail of Bill at the time of Item Selection in Bill
  • Show Party Credit Limit / Outstanding / Excise Detail at the time of Billing
Excise Reports:
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA)
  • Personal Ledger Account (PLA) with Education Cass
  • RG 23 A Part I
  • RG 23 A Part II
  • RG 23 C Part I
  • RG 23 C Part II
  • Service Tax Credit Register with Education Cess
  • RG I (Item-wise/Group-wise/Chapter-wise) Daily Stock Statement
  • Duty Payable Report (Date-wise / Invoice-wise / Chapter-wise / Group-wise)
  • Duty Available Report
  • Daily Production Report
  • Duty Deposited